Monica ZF Hands UpFreedom can’t be granted
by someone else, or even
by any laws or governing bodies,
if it isn’t first claimed
by the individual spirit.
Are you ready to claim yours?



Hi, I’m Monica Day. Some people call me a coach.
That’s fine. But I prefer instigator. Or maybe guide. 

Whatever term you might use for someone who will challenge the f*ck out of you, who will know when to be tender with you, who is not interested in your old stories, who never dismisses you, who can push you past where you might have dared go on your own, but who also knows when to be quiet and just listen  — and trust the inner wisdom and guidance that maybe you sometimes don’t ask or trust yourself.

You see, I have learned that when people are willing to be seen in their most private, vulnerable places, they experience a freedom that emboldens them in every other area of their life. For so many valid reasons, a lot of us don’t always show up this way.

But I think we all want to, desperately.

So, if we choose to spend time together, that will be my invitation to you: to claim your freedom, to live into what that really means, to open every door and window of your life.

“Monica Day is a passionate, deeply committed coach who lives her convictions every day. She can seriously kick you’re a**, take no B.S. – all while showing you how big and amazing you really are. So that you want to run toward her version of you.”

— Marcella Allison, Cincinnati, OH


We will look at it all. Money, sex, power. Intimacy, spirit, love. Success, confidence, passion. Creation, repetition, brilliance.

No more hiding any part of you.

It’s exciting work, and quite often, fun, daring, a little edgy even. But I won’t lie. You may feel uncomfortable. Challenged. Sometimes, scared.

But not for the reasons you always feared—that you’re not enough, too much, or somehow, don’t deserve the life you can imagine. Nope.

Rather, you’ll discover that you are bigger than you thought. More powerful than you hoped. More vulnerable than you knew. More fierce than you imagined.

Monica ZF standing sideways

Everything you’ve wanted – everything you believed you could be, and were afraid you couldn’t be – shows up in this powerful coaching space.

Until you are finally able manifest your most authentic self – in every moment and every area of your life.

My coaching isn’t for everyone. But if you’re still reading this page, it might be for you.

Monica Day

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