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Monica Day hosts her own events and workshops,
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March 9-12, 2017

The 300% Life: An Unusual Unconference
Philadelphia, PA 


April 19-22, 2017
Camp Star Heart w/Allison Crow 
Austin, TX
July 20-23, 2017
Aphrodite Rising
Boulder, CO


Tap into your turn on to fuel your business

Saying the words “sexy” and “business” together is considered career suicide by most. Visions of lawsuits, inappropriate behavior, illicit office affairs, and skewed power dynamics immediately begin dancing in your head.

But what if you could tap into the power of your sexual energy – and use it as a fuel for your business? What if your body had wisdom that could make you unstoppable? What if vulnerability and intimacy were your greatest strengths?

“Sex” is an act. But “sexy” is an energy. A way of being. A way of moving in the world that creates a magnetic attraction.

In this talk, we move past some of the more obvious pitfalls of having sexual energy in the workplace, and discuss a more mature, nuanced approach that makes workplaces feel safer and everyone in them feel more powerful and passionate about the work they do.

Monica Day brings a wealth of experience in both business, and the power of sensual and sexual attraction — and combines the two in new and unique ways. Be prepared to discover ways to bring “sexy” into your business – and your life – that are, unexpected, and, well, revolutionary.

Note: Appropriate for corporate audiences of both women and men, as well as smaller workshops and other professional learning environments. Yes, it will make the HR department nervous, but no one will get sued. Promise. In fact, odds are sexual harassment suits will radically decline once people understand the distinctions and material presented in this talk. 


For Speaking Inquiries please contact Monica call: 215-901-1327