Is It Time To Fly? 

You probably know the signs by now —
boredom, anxiety, restlessness
excitement, longing, desire

Not to mention a little procrastination, a lot of fear and apprehension. Stops and starts. Uncertainty. Self-doubt. Inspiration.

Add it all up and it usually means one thing:

You’re Ready! 

But…for what? How? When?

Making a life transition — whether it is in your career, where you’re going to live, or deciding to commit to a relationship — can be an especially stressful time. Nothing invites all of our old patterns to show up like uncertainty.

Of course, it’s exciting to think about a change. To consider the possibilities. Or maybe, just to imagine feeling at peace with your life. Maybe you haven’t felt that for a long time, if ever.

We all hit these moments in our lives — at least once and usually several times — where we feel called, or even pushed, into making a big change. But it can be a challenge to feel confident that we are making the right choices along the way.

Sometimes, we rush our decisions. Or we feel influenced by friends and family to choose a direction before we ourselves feel ready.
Or, we begin, with great enthusiasm but only so-so planning and forethought — only to exhaust our bank account, or our energy, before the new endeavor takes off. Do that a few times and you start to doubt whether you can pull it off at all. Next thing you know — you’re frozen.

Transition Coaching To The Rescue

When I look back at what brought most of my clients to me over the years, I would estimate that at least half, if not more, were in a cycle of transition and looking for some support to get started — or through — the process. So, I found myself developing tools along the way to support them. And learning, with them, what made for the most successful approach.

Now, I’ve collected these tools, and (on a very limited basis) am able to offer a 3-month program of support two times a year: during the summer months (June-July-August) and through the end-of-year holidays (December-January-February). I find these to be the two times during the year when people are able to make some time to do both the planning — and the deeper work — that must be done when one is ready to create a new life.


Love Into Money Process (for career transition): We start with the premise that you should love what you do and do what you love — and from there, figure out what it would be, and what it would take, to get there. Perfect for doing both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of opportunities, and moving ahead with confidence.

Embodiment Exercises: It’s hard to make a solid choice when you aren’t in touch with your deepest truth. Your connection with your body provides the access to that truth. Actively engaging your body helps you to tap into your intuition, relieve your stress, and make your best decisions.

Neutral Listening and Reflection: This might sound a little strange, but…I don’t care what you do! Think about it — most people in your life will have an opinion. And they should — they are invested in your happiness (or their own!) in some way. So, your decisions matter to them. Which is great, but not always helpful.

Ass Kicking: This one is self-explanatory, right?

Kaleidoscope Perspective: There is a sweet spot, between analysis paralysis and jumping head first off a cliff — and together, we find that spot. It’s a lot like spinning a kaleidoscope and looking at the situation from multiple angles — while holding the existence of magical possibilities and unknown outcomes.

How Does It Work?

When I open the window for this program, it is generally filled within a week — so the first step is to decide and commit. If you want to talk to me first, before pulling the trigger, don’t hesitate to reach out.

You can choose from the following:

Option A: 6 phone session (2x/month) ($899)

Option A+: Includes a ticket to The 300% Life: An Unusual Unconference (offered in March and November) ($1298)

Option B: 3 phone sessions (1x/month), 1 half-day in-person intensive (travel costs extra), unlimited email access ($1099)

Option B+: Includes a ticket to The 300% Life: An Unusual Unconference (offered in March and November) ($1498)

There is also a private Facebook group with others in the program (past and present) to use for further support and accountability. It is your choice if you’d like to be added into this group or not.

I’m in. Now What?

The window for Transition Coaching is OPEN. Grab your spot today. As soon as your registration is received, you will receive a welcome email with some preliminary questions that will help me to know what transition you want to address. Please respond to that email right away, and we will set up your first session at a mutually convenient time.

Choose One