There are many ways to deliver — and receive — powerful coaching.

Sometimes, just the two of us talking regularly — with you taking the insights you reach in our conversations and applying them to your life, and reporting back — creates the powerful container you need for your transformation.

We might also go an on adventure together — I call them “field trips” — where we might visit a place that supports our coaching in a different way.

chained hands releasing butterflyGroup coaching — where you join together with others for a set period of time, and often with a specific theme or structure in place — can be incredibly powerful.

And if you are a coach, I don’t need to tell you the value of coaching to your business. I offer two options for coaches who want to work with me — both on the business aspects of your practice, and also, on the most important work for a coach — the work on yourself.

Do let me know when you contact me what you are most interested in: Individual or Group Coaching, or if you would like to join my Apprentice program. But know that I will invite you to the format that I feel will serve you best, once we get to know one another.

“What a ride these past two years have been! When I look back, it’s difficult for me to recognize the woman who started coaching with you as me. There’s been so much growth! A new business, a new relationship – and the sense I now have that anything I can imagine is actually possible.”

— Gisela Viera, New York, NY