Experiences with Monica

“AMAZING! Life changing … opened up my communication with everyone in a whole new way. Made me less afraid to express myself and how I truly feel. I have the knack for being able to “beat around the bush” with things that are all filler really, and Monica, you really got down to the deep place that I have always been scared to come from.”

“I can’t tell you how open and unblocked I feel. For the first time in my life, I’m really eager to peel back the layers and see what’s there, and then, keep peeling, discovering, changing, evolving … thank you!”free-spirit“During my time working with Monica, I went from what felt like a shattered self, to what now feels whole. She worked hard with me, providing insights and helping me achieve the things I want for my life. Her help was invaluable, and I wouldn’t have the hope or direction for my life that I now have. She’s unique and talented, and anyone would benefit from working with her.”

“I took this program in the hopes of some kind of breakthrough and boy did I get it! [It] placed me face-to-face with my fear and challenged me to confront the ways I hold back in life and in relationship.”

“What a ride these past two years have been! When I look back, it’s difficult for me to recognize the woman who started coaching with you as me. There’s been so much growth! A new business, a new relationship – and the sense I now have that anything I can imagine is actually possible.”

“You’ve helped me excavate, identify, embrace, and embody some of my deepest desires. You’ve walked with me through moments of doubt and fear, offering your gentle yet firm guidance. Your coaching is bold and adventurous. It is a true pleasure and honor to have someone as powerful and turned on as you illuminating my life journey.”