Who I Work With

I work with people who are on fire — or who at least want to be.

I work with individual women and men. Power couples. Executives. Entrepreneurs. Philanthropists.

And average people with big aspirations.


At any given time, I am coaching 5-7 individuals and running 1-2 groups on an ongoing basis. My programs are anywhere from 3 months to a year or more.  My clients are all over the world. We work on the phone, through Skype, and in private meetings and retreats. And I offer a handful of intensives and adventures a year. So, I am highly selective and there is sometimes a wait to work with me.

“I took this program in the hopes of some kind of breakthrough and boy did I get it! [It] placed me face-to-face with my fear and challenged me to confront the ways I hold back in life and in relationship.”

— Nikki Bailey, Philadelphia, PA

I look for people with big dreams who understand that they can’t be realized without action and commitment.

I am drawn to people who want to make a big impact in the world. People with vision, creativity, and chutzpah.

And I am drawn to the margins. The repressed ones who are ready to open. The wild ones who are ready to focus. The young ones who are coming of age. The wise ones, looking to solidify legacy. The outsiders, who have a perspective we need to hear.

I promise confidentiality. I discuss very private matters with people in high places. Their trust is everything. So you won’t find a string of impressive names here. And I won’t brag about you, either. I’ll let you do that.

That said, I tell the truth. Always. I will challenge you, serve you, and probably piss you off. Some days, you’ll hate me for it. One day, you’ll thank me for it.

And I have requirements of my clients. They aren’t the kinds of requirements you might find elsewhere — but they ensure that our work together will change your life.

In order to work with me, you must:

“I can’t tell you how open and unblocked I feel. For the first time in my life, I’m really eager to peel back the layers and see what’s there, and then, keep peeling, discovering, changing, evolving … thank you!”

— Celeste Warrington, Cincinnati, OH
  • Show up fully
  • Hide nothing
  • Be open to our work together
  • Stay connected even when you don’t want to
  • Reveal yourself even when you don’t want to
  • Be willing to laugh at yourself
  • Be willing to express yourself creatively
  • Don’t be “nice,” be authentic
  • Ask for what you want
  • Be willing to ditch the past and create the future
  • Move and inspire yourself and others
  • Be brave
  • Be patient
  • Come alive
  • Reach for yourself, past all your pain and bullshit and story
  • Trust yourself
  • Find the love
  • Make it fun
  • Hold nothing back
  • Keep showing up

What’s The Cost?

Everything. I mean it.

Coaching with me will cost you everything — it requires courage and commitment. It requires time and energy. And it requires you to want to create something so powerful in your life that you are willing invest in yourself in ways you maybe never have before.

So before you get to the part about money, we will both make sure that you are a “hell, yes” to all of what it’s going to cost. Because if you’re making the decision to work with me based on whether you can “afford” it, in terms of dollars and cents, you’ve missed a key element of the consideration.

It can cost anywhere from $3k to $20k to be in one of my group programs, and from $5k to $50k to work together individually, depending on the program we create together for you. Sometimes, I refer my clients to work with other coaches and providers as well — for an additional cost.

I do occasionally offer starter packages for reduced rates, as well as payment plans — it never hurts to ask.

Tell Me More...
  • My coaching is by invitation, referral, and application only. There is no “Buy Now” button. It begins with a simple but powerful conversation -- and together, we explore. If you want to know more, tell me a little about yourself -- what you want and what’s in your way, and why this is your moment for a breakthrough. I will respond within 48 hours. I am also available for speaking, teaching, presentations and workshop engagements. So please use this contact form to be in touch if you would like to know more about booking me.
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