As A Coach

I didn’t decide to become a coach. Coaching called me. Demanded me. It took many years — but finally — I answered.

monicaday3That said, I don’t have a bunch of letters after my name. If you want a coach with “credentials” and academic degrees (meaning they went to school and someone taught them how to be a coach), you should look elsewhere.

My work in coaching was born out of thousands of hours working with hundreds of people for over 20 years —  individuals, groups, leaders, work teams, young people, parents, couples, you name it — as a guide, facilitator, teacher, mentor, coach, and instigator.

I learned the art and craft of coaching the old-fashioned way — by experience, intuition, taking risks, failing, fucking up, and always, always, (always!) doing my own work and walking my talk.

This is also why my work is integrative in nature, and spans everything from the personal to professional realms – encouraging integration between all aspects of the self. I discovered that humans are unstoppable when they have a solid integration and accessible connection forged between mind, body, and spirit – and are infused with life force energy and purpose.

My coaching is unique in that it is all-inclusive. There is nothing we don’t discuss – and in this unlimited field of inquiry, the creation of a more whole, more fully expressed, more satisfying and authentic life – becomes possible.

Before Coaching

My professional path has included a successful career in sales, marketing and training…

  • generating millions of dollars for socially-responsible entrepreneurial companies such as Odwalla and The Republic of Tea,
  • working with dozens of businesses and nonprofit organizations as a copywriter, consultant, and business development specialist,
  • spending thousands of hours with groups and individuals to build skills in the areas of diversity, communication, and collective decision-making,
  • creating spaces where individual differences could be bridged, and genuine relationships, alliances, and social change could be forged,
  • serving on boards and teams in strategic situations where vision, communication, and a grounded approach to significant transformation was needed.

Six years ago, I founded a company called The Sensual Life, where I work with people to explore, express, and experience their authentic sensual and sexual selves. Because I realized that none of the above mattered if we couldn’t feel the life force energy that brought us into the world, and that is available as FUEL for every aspect of our lives.

And most recently, I acquired a tea company, Ducky Life Tea, which I’m growing and running together with my two daughters — so that they have a powerful vehicle for exploring what it takes for them to create their own powerful lives, be socially responsible and connected with the earth, and learn skills they won’t get in the classroom.